5 best find my phone apps

Losing your smartphone is one of the most shocking experiences, as it is had to get it back, thanks to tech has made it easier. apps like find my phone app are available. As we all know that a our smartphone has Almost all our informations, this includes personal information, personal pictures, and perhaps even financial data on there. It’s a treasure trove for thieves . Thankfully, there are some ways you can do to recover your Smartphone. In the first hand, having find my phone apps in place helps this in circumstance, although it may be a little late if you’re searching for this after you lost your phone. Nonetheless, there are some ways that you can find it even without preventative measures. Here is a List of find my phone apps.

  1. Family Locator by Life360
  2. Find My Device by Google
  3. Cerberus
  4. Prey Anti-Theft
  5. Carrier phone finder

1.Family Locator by Life360

Price: Free

Family Locator by Life360 is one of the find my phone app which reflects the app name. It allows you to create a collective with your family and friends, then you can keep track of where they are via their smartphone. This app helps you recover your smartphones if you lose it, but this comes with upside and down side, the upside is that you can control who can find you or your phone. The downside is that the app is built as a people locator, not a device locator. Thus, it doesn’t have some features like, lock my device or wipe my phone. However, it’s a good, simple option, especially for our Daddy and Mommy.

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Screen shot from app store

2.Find My Device by Google


This is Google’s native find my phone app. It does all of the basics. It can track down your phone within a certain distance. The app lets you ring, wipe your phone and even show a message. The app is great because you can make a good attempt to find you phone. In worst case, you can wipe it if you can’t get it. It’s totally free with no in-app purchases or advertisement.

5 best find my phone apps 2


Price: Free / $5-$43 per year

Cerberus has long been the find my app people think of when it comes to find my phone apps. It has a ton of features that includes locking, resetting your phone, sounding alarms, displaying messages on screen, and it even has access to the selfie camera so you can take a selfie picture of the thief. You can also hide Cerberus from the app drawer so people don’t see that it’s there, remote shell into your device, use it with WearOS, and record audio from the mic. There is a free trial. After a free trial, you can buy a single license for $5 per year and up to 10 devices for $43 per year. Currently, this app isn’t available in Google Play store anymore because of Google’s draconian permission policies, so you have to download straight from Cerberus website

4.Prey anti-theft

Price: Free

Prey is an iOS and android find my phone app that’s been around for Sometime that a lot of people trust. Its purpose is to help you find your phone if it has gone missing or stolen. Nevertheless, it is also more simple than Cerberus. It has basic features like finding your phone, locking your device, and setting off an alarm. You’ll also be able to take pictures to see where your phone may be and gather network information to see where your device has been. It seems to work for a lot of people and that is what really matters. It’s not different from Google’s Find My Phone app and may function well as a backup to that. It’s also completely free.

5 best find my phone apps 3
App store Screenshot

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Please keep your phone safe, it is your Identity.

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