The 5 most popular Smartphone brand in Africa

Africa has a growing need for smartphones than ever before, as the second-largest continent in the world has a huge market that many brands hope to reach. some brand like Tecno from Transsion has dominated the market with its affordable smartphone that many Africans can afford.

2019/20 has seen smartphone features rise to very sophisticated levels making the smartphone even more expensive. With cameras and high-quality screens that can produce high-quality pictures to sensors and great quality videos that lead to high prices of smartphones have risen tremendously.

with high demand for smartphones in Africa, the most popular and talked phone is Apple’s iPhone, this stands as a most popular and most talked-about phone on the continent, yet the phone still remains a high-end phone that many Africans cannot afford.

Do you want to know which phone companies are making the most money from Africa? visit, a technology-focused data collecting website came out with the top five phone brands.

  1. Samsung is the number one as the most purchased brand in Africa in 2018 and 19. Despite having competition from brands like Techno, infinix, and Huawei and worldwide competition form Apple, the company has managed to maintain its number one spot in Africa. in 2019 and 2020, the brand released several high-end phones that came at affordable prices like Samsung S10e, S10 PLUS, S10, S20, A51, A90.
  2. Techno is the most affordable smartphone on the continent, it has almost all features most people need. it is a well-established smartphone brand from China with competition from its fellow infinity, It is Africa’s 2nd biggest selling phone company in 2019-20. The company has improved its phone and started providing affordable phones with features found on high-end phones such as the google pixel, Huawei, one Plus, and iPhone.
  3. A lot of people may not notice this brand has taken a lot of popularity in some African countries compared to infinix. Itel is the third bestselling phone brand in Africa in 2019-20 after releasing affordable phone phones. In 2019 alone, the company shipped over 2 million devices into Africa in the first quarter alone. Itel currently has the cheapest smartphones on the market, a contributing factor to their great sales in 2018,2019.
  4. Huawei is in a fourth position, as it released some affordable smartphones with great specification, The company came in strong with its P20 and Mate ranges coming out with the lite versions of the phone for customers on a lower budget. with all the challenges it faces with the US ban, Huawei’s previous release smartphone still sells well in the market. The 2018 range of Huawei phones has the 2nd best camera in the world and with many phone users now looking for great cameras to use, dues to the US ban, Huawei sells may keep decreasing.
  5. Infinix was established in 2012, Infinix smartphone range has established itself very well in Africa and in 2018 peaked as the 5th most bought phone on the continent. Their phone comes with great cameras while at a low price, which has lead to high demand in the market. Aside from this, the company has established itself as one of the most trusted low budget phones for the average African who needs a smartphone with durable specifications. in 2019, Infinix released 8 and 2020 3 devices that stormed the African market and received 4 to 5 stars from phone reviewers across the continent.

Samsung and Transsion may be leading today, but competitors are catching up. In Africa, where people are upgrading from feature phones with an influence from big brands like Apple, there is a growing appetite for affordable smartphones, according to IDC. Huawei remains the best-selling smartphone brand in China and the fourth in Africa. in the last few months, Xiaomi announced it’s launching a unit on the continent.
Still, Transsion is continuously diving into new emerging markets in Asia where a lot of people need a low and mid-range smartphone at an affordable price. In 2017, transsion launched in Bangladesh, Nepal, Russia, and Indonesia.

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