6 Steps to set up a New android phone [how to set up a new phone]

Once you have bought a new smartphone you will probably want to use it right away. But before that you will have to configure it first. In this article we will give you a step by step guide on how to set up your New android smartphone.

Though, Each android phone is different from the other, as each manufacture gives some extra features, so as to stand out of the competition. All in all, android phone are similar.

6 Steps to set up a New android phone [how to set up a new phone] 1
Android smartphone (Nexus 6)

Here are steps to follo

1.Select language for you smartphone

After you have switched on your smartphone, you phone will prompt you to a screen where you are required to choose language. Tap on a default language to see other a list of other language. Select you’r preferred language from a list and tap allow

6 Steps to set up a New android phone [how to set up a new phone] 2
Start up screen on a new android phone

2. Insert you’r Sim Card to your Smartphone and Enter you’r PIN

After selecting language , you will be required to insert you’r SIM card (you can skip this) . I assume that you inserted a sim card as you want to use this phone, then you will be required to enter SIM CARD PIN (some Sim card may not have PIN) . This sim pin is different from a phone pin, usually it comes with a sim card holder, if you do not see it , call your sim card provide.
Then you will be asked to whether you want start as a new phone or import data from the previous phone. Either ways you will be required to connect to WI-FE .

3. Select a Wi-Fe network from another smartphone

You can use a friend’s wi-fe or you old phone Wi-fe, or any wireless network nearby you. Select Wi-fe from you’r List and enter password if required, then tap connect.

We advice to connect to Wi-Fe , so you can download software updates

6 Steps to set up a New android phone [how to set up a new phone] 3

4. Copy data from your old smartphone or set as new

On this step you will be asked to copy data from you’r old android phone or set as new.
If you want to transfer from your old phone backups, it will then prompt you to open the Google app on your old phone and either ask Assistant “Ok Google, set up my device” or go to Settings > Google > Set up nearby device. Or you can just sign in with your Google account to back up from the cloud, which is the next step.

5. Set up/ sign in your google account

If you skipped the step above, the next stage is to set up or log in to an account in order to use your smartphone with Google’s apps and services, such as Gmail or the Play Store.

If you already have a Google account, you can enter those details now. Then you will be asked to accept Google’s Terms of Service and Privacy policy. Read them (if you want) by tapping the highlighted phrases then hit “Accept”.
If you do not have a google account just click or tap creat New google account and follow steps, choose user name and creat password.

6. Protect your smartphone

If you have an existing email address that you wish to sync with your Android phone, this is where you can add it. As with almost all of the steps in this list, this can be done at a later date.

Next, you will be asked if you want to secure your device. We strongly recommend this. Should you lose your device, this security measure is a key step in preventing unwanted access to your device. This can be done with face recognition for phones that support it, fingerprint recognition or with a simple PIN (distinct from the one for your SIM).

6 Steps to set up a New android phone [how to set up a new phone] 4

Now your device is ready. You can download apps from play store, you can set up your notifications and other things.

Thank you for reading. Share this with friends! For any question leave a comment below.

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