8 Smartphone gadget you never know existed

Today we bring you the list of smartphone gadget you never know existed if you have used one before leave a comment.

  1. WonderCube $49  







This smartphone gadget claim to combine of your smartphone essentials into a tiny little piece.it has changing cable,micro USB or USB C. It’s a key holder, a torch and you can insert a 128Gb micro USB card also it can work as a phone stand.

2.Capsule Max $469 

CapsuIe Max









One  of the most impressive smartphone gadget of 2020. This is a projector,it has got an autofocus module. It gives you five seconds and a picture is pin sharp plus it auto correct its own aspect ratio depending on the angle of projection. It has a surprising brightness, audio is loud and punch.also it can turn into Bluetooth speaker with in built-in battery which gives you 4 hours of continues wireless projection, it’s even Android powered, it has apps of its own like neflix, YouTube.

3. Mashall monitor II $149.9                                                Marshall monitor II headphone 






It has fancy design with Active noise   cancelling headphones at ten levels with it’s own app . If you open Mashall app you can adjust the amount of out noise you want to be able to hear, Battery life is seriously good, it gives up to 30 hours with noise cancellation turn on and 45 hours without noise cancellation.The Range is so impressive as you leave you phone in your room upstairs and move outside the connection can not drop. Finally, what is relevant to you phone is Google Assistant button and control nob..

4.TidyDock $14                                                    










It makes your charging experience easier,  it fits in your charging adapter,hides your cable, your phone can be standing upright when charging.

5.Meural Canvas $499                                          

meural canvas






If you like art and you like smartphones and    ,this gadget is a treat. It looks like a frame painting but is blank space you can fill with anything,I mean smart painting frame. Using the app flip between famous paintings from around the word or you can just straight up from your phone. It has an ambient sensor that scale the brightness of the painting according to your rooms brightness and the cool thing here is ,it also know when you turn the lights off and it will switch itself off . It has autorotate, plus gestures, if you move your hand, paint changes.

6.Momen charger $13                                        

  Momen charging adapter








It has a few cool features like a matte   finish,ld light in the inside and dual USB port to charge two things at once.

7.FayTech Flat $224                                        

12.5'' faytech flat Touch Monitor







This is an external smartphone monitor, I have seen a couple of external monitors but non is better than this. It’s 12.5 inch 1080p screen.                                  

Basically you see what’s on your phone but bigger. It comes with foldable stand. Keep in mind that it does not have a built-in battery and ,so you have to plug it to as power source.Note: it not brighter.

8.Smart Wallet $238                              

Volterman smart wallet

Volterman is as company that claim to make world’s number one smart Wallet. If you can deal with the price and extra thickness with having something like it. There is a lot coming with this, example :- protection from losing it, at any time you can look online and know the coordinate. It has an alarm, built in camera to take photos of any potential thief and send them to you.The actual thickness comes from built-in battery.the battery size depends on the size of the wallet you choose. What is strange is that ,the smartphone app looks beautiful on iOS and terrible on Android, I don’t know why!

Thank you for reading, for more gadget articles you never know, please share this with your friends. This provides the energy to prepare more articles like this.

WonderCube Smartphone gadgets

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